Our Mission

What started out as a children's podcast has now turned into a passionate mission. We aim to give children a trusted source of entertainment that showcases strong virtue and character. Through our podcasts, book, and snail-mail subscription service we hope kids can have fun learning about virtues! 

  • Letters from Momo

    Snail Mail Subscription Service

    A gift that keeps giving all year long. It’s the perfect, minimalist, and wholesome gift to give to the kids you love! 

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  • Jerome's Journey

    Children's Book

    Join Momo McSquirrel and Jerome on his epic journey to discover the virtue of patience!

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  • Lamplighter Kids Stories


    Join Rebecca and Momo McSquirrel as they bring traditional virtues to modern kids through fun and engaging stories!

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  • Farolero Cuentos Para Niños

    Lamplighter Kids Stories is now available in Spanish! Enjoy the same trusted and wholesome stories in a whole new language. New stories being updated monthly!

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Give the Gift of Letters From Momo!

Letters from Momo is a once-a-month, snail-mail subscription service where Momo writes to his fans about different virtues! Full of Momo’s silly antics and fun forest stories, Letters from Momo is sure to excite the kids you love every month!

Here’s what you will find in each letter:  

Full color, high-quality paper with lots of fun pictures of Momo!

Silly and meaningful stories from Momo’s life in the forest!

Stories of people (real and fictional) who practiced that virtue!

An extra activity page!

A “Try it Yourself” section with ideas on how to practice that month's virtue!

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