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Planting Seeds of Character Through Stories that Teach Virtue 

Our Mission

To give children a trusted source of entertainment that showcases strong character. Through our podcast and snail-mail subscription service we want kids to have fun learning about virtues! 

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About Letters from Momo!

Letters from Momo is a once-a-month, snail-mail subscription service where Momo writes to his fans about different virtues! Full of Momo’s silly antics and fun forest stories, Letters from Momo is sure to excite the kids you love every month! Here’s what you will find in each letter:  


  • Full color, high-quality paper with lots of fun pictures of Momo!
  • Silly and meaningful stories from Momo’s life in the forest!
  • Stories of people (real and fictional) who practiced that virtue!
  • An extra activity page!
  • A “Try it Yourself” section with practical ideas and simple crafts for your kids to practice their virtue!

Letters from Momo is a gift that keeps giving all year long. It’s the perfect, minimalist, and wholesome gift to give to the kids you love! 


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Includes One Activity Per Letter!

It's Easy to Subscribe!

When you subscribe, $10 will automatically be charged from your account every month until you choose to cancel

All letters are sent on the 20th of each month. Subscriptions that come in by the 20th will have their letter sent that month!

* After you’ve subscribed, please send an email to with your kids names so that the letters can be personally addressed to them!

Letters from Momo can ship internationally EXCEPT for Australia and New Zealand due to the USPS suspension on those countries

Meet Momo McSquirrel!

Momo is the co-host of Lamplighter podcast and a pretty popular little squirrel (though he doesn’t know it). His main life goal is to collect acorns. Lots of acorns. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s just a silly squirrel. He also loves stories and learning about virtues! He wants to put his own storytelling skills to use by mailing letters to his Lamplighter fans! He looks forward to writing lots of fun stories for everyone… and hopefully having a few acorn breaks along the way. 

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Our Stories Are


Lamplighter will  always have age-appropriate content for your kids to enjoy. 


Lamplighter will shine light on everything good and beautiful through its stories. 


 Lamplighter will have your kids hooked once they meet the fun characters! 


Lamplighter will fill your house with laughter through it’s kid-friendly humor!

Planting Seeds of Character in Our Kids

What Kids are Saying About Lamplighter Podcast!

"I like all the parts about it. I love Momo, he's silly."
Jasper age 5

"I love all the songs and I like that the virtues are all happy."

Isabelle age 6

"I love this podcast because it's adventurous, fun, and about friendships. My favorite parts are the songs. I love to listen during quiet time."

Kai age 8

"My favorite part about this podcast is Momo because he is funny and stuff. My favorite story is Mortimer and the Christmas Owl."

Benjamin age 5
"My best thing about the podcast is that Momo is very silly. "
Sophie age 4

"I like Lamplighter because the stories all have virtues. My favorite virtue so far is Beauty on the Inside from the Fishypants story."

Aleya age 7

*Lamplighter Kids is not associated with Lamplighter Ministries 

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